Merry Christmas! we're ready.

Some Christmas decorations found their way into stores before Halloween and many more before Thanksgiving. Well, now it’s definitely time to break out the goods. Let the Christmas Carols play and the Manger scenes appear. The season has arrived.

I’m a Merry Christmas person. I don’t care much for Happy Holidays. Respecting others, however, is my discipline so you might hear other seasonal references if it is apparent that such is called for.

Let The Salvation Army kettle bells ring with delight. For some it’s because you’re so cold you’re shivering the bell to ring. In other places, maybe a brass quartet, carolers singing, or a Christmas recording. Some enjoy speaking over amplified systems and others seem to like to dance. Dress for the weather and maintain a sweet spirit without which you will not accomplish your objective.

It’ll be interesting to see the houses decorated this year for us. In a new neighborhood, we’ll have to discover those who go all out to bring some cheer to their communities (and the electric company).

All this leads to remember that God came to earth in person for us to relate better to Him and for us to have redemption through His plan. The celebration is about the birth of Jesus in this world and in our hearts. Hallelujah!

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