...utmost importance.

More important than structure, organization or accountability is mission. Of course all are important to the mission, but secondary to it. The mission represents purpose, intention, plans and dreams. It is in missional terms that we measure the effectiveness of a company, organization, or movement.

In the USA Western Territory of The Salvation Army, we maintain a weekly accounting of what are known as mission imperatives. The application is called, People Count and it plays off the numbers of people related initiatives that reveal that we not only count people, but value them in the process.

There are four basic numbers we are looking for each Monday morning. They are:

  1. Number of people brought to faith that week
  2. Number of people in worship – representing discipleship
  3. Number of people who were made members – Adherents, Sr. Soldiers, Jr. Soldiers
  4. Number of people who were helped by The Salvation Army

These mission imperatives are recorded by each unit in the territory, and because of that, units that don’t make members¬†(social service programs) list the number of people referred to The Salvation Army for fellowship.

You can look and see how we’re doing by going to: ¬†http://peoplecountusw.org/

Take a look and see what God is doing when mission is important.

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