Organisational Structures

Once upon a time we were comfortable with linear organisational structures with clear and direct lines of authority. More and more, these systems do not serve us or our mission. One of our problems is that we are so accustomed to these definitions, it’s like crawling out of a cavern to consider other possibilities.

Let us be courageous and fresh in our thinking. The new frameworks are more fluid and shapeless and likely susceptible to change sooner than later. I believe we’re up to it if we will put ourselves into it with open minds and mission focus. Yes, Lord.

2 Chronicles 2:6 (MSG)
6 But who is capable of building such a structure? Why, the skies—the entire cosmos!—can’t begin to contain him. And me, who am I to think I can build a house adequate for God—burning incense to him is about all I’m good for!

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