...can be a beautiful thing.

When my father in law saw an American flag in a parade, he wept. He was a patriot. Never having served in the military, somewhere along the line he developed this love for country that never left him. He was a patriot.

The older I get, the more I feel similarly. I reckon the cost of a free country, even in these days and realize that not only was it worth it, I appreciate it.

Walk through military cemeteries in Wyoming, Gettysburg and Washington DC and you will be stricken with the loss to families and communities through the years.

I like the freedoms we enjoy. I’m grateful that there are no real limitations on the way we worship, demonstrate, dress, speak, vote and more. I am grateful.

I draw the line when comparisons are made to denigrate other countries as a result. It isn’t necessary to put down or minimize others to feel good about ourselves. Having lived in Australia, I loved that country as well and understand fully why they believe it to be the best place to live.

In America on this 4th of July holiday, enjoy your country. Not perfect, but worth celebrating.

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