Prayer is a Relationship

...pray without ceasing.

In Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians he advises, “Pray without ceasing.

How do we do that?

Our prayer life can go this way:

  1. Prayer wishes – We have an innate appeal to God when we are in danger or hoping for a miracle of some sort, like winning the lottery, or passing a test in school.
  2. Sinner’s prayer – Here’s where we begin to understand that God loves us, our need for forgiveness and we can depend upon Him for salvation.
  3. Talking to God – We speak to Him with eyes closed and often on our knees, bringing a list of personal requests.
  4. Conversing with God – We realize that He hears us and wants us to listen to Him. We hear Him through the written Word, His faithful followers, and an understanding in our spirit, confirming His leading.
  5. Praying for others – Our prayer life deepens as the prayers are more likely to be for others than only ourselves.
  6. Praying through the Scriptures – This is a marvelous opportunity and an answer to “I don’t know the words to pray.” Use God’s words.
  7. Prayer becomes the relationship – This is a blessed understanding and realization. Here’s where we can pray without ceasing.

May your prayer life grow.

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