...a necessary part of of a predictable life.

What would we do without protocols in our life. Some are formal, like when you work or volunteer in an organization. Others are less formal, like when you check with your spouse before agreeing to a commitment. Both are necessary and neither is a bad thing.

The trick is to be aware of the process as you go along. Discovering that you have made a decision without following the proper order can be trouble and even cause difficulty. I’ve seen certain decisions go awry simply because a person didn’t follow the protocols. The decision was the best, but because it was out of order, it was refused and reversed.

Some of the people involved in the stages are linear thinkers who need order in their thought process. Like a carpenter, you’d never put on a coat of shellac until you’ve first sanded the wood. So, in that linear mind, all things follow a certain prescribed order.

Clearly, if you follow the protocols, even if the decision turns sour, you have the system to absorb some of the fault. It all seems very safe.

Some days I’m able to follow protocols, some days the decision seems too urgent to go through all the steps; and other days, the decision won’t have a ghost of survival if measured by all the current voices in the process.

Like things predictable? Protocols are for you.

Like a surprise once in a while? Take a chance…just know, it might be the hook they hang you from.

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