...an evil reality.

If you’re looking to see if satan has influence in our worlds, you only have to consider the ill effects of racism. It is not nationalism. It is a condescending estimate of another’s differences and it is indefensible.

It takes many forms, but always diminishes God’s creation with an inferior, inappropriate context.

It almost always has existed and is sinful. Some people are unaware of their racism which makes it all the more damaging and insidious. We really need to live in multicultural environments that will allow us to measure our sincerity towards the value of humankind. It’s interesting how the media has attempted to remind us of our proclivities in this area with the regular introduction of life forms from outer space. While I don’t look to Hollywood for truth, they make a point with their portrayals of interstellar discrimination.

The differences of cultures should be celebrated, not feared. Often these differences originate in family or community cultures and not race anyway.

The Word of God is a good place to see the egalitarian value of all. That includes gender, generation, and race. Forgiveness always redeems sin. Try it.

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