Read much…Read Carefully…

...test it by what you know to be true.

Some recent books that have come to my attention have caused me to pause and reflect on their veracity. I confess I’m not given to novels so that is clearly not my area of concern, but rather other texts that project unique concepts and approached to life new to me and the mainstream.

I’m convinced that we all need to be readers to stimulate our thinking and advance our understanding. Newspapers and magazines are often slanted to the perspectives of editors. Media at large seems more given to generate profits than proffer truths and accuracy. So too are the many volumes of books available to us every day.

I suggest we read much, but read carefully, testing the significance of the words and concepts given. We should be courageous and step outside our comfort zones of proven authors and editors, measuring each against what we know to be true and with a willingness to realign what we know to be true.

I suppose the same could be said about blogs like this.

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