Rev. Dr. Billy Graham…

...saved to serve.

Billy Graham has always been known as a leading Christian voice, bringing people to God through faith in Jesus. His campaigns, public and personal were always forthright with no apologies for God’s gospel of love for all. As he ascended in celebrity, his resolve to tell all about saving grace intensified while being cautious not to be caught in embroiled political conflict or societal pressures.

He spoke openly about the wages of sin and it’s corrupt hold on us, our children and our society. Then he graciously reiterated the salvation of our God proven and provided by Christ on the cross of Calvary and conquered by His resurrection in three short days.

I’ve not seen or heard evidence of condemnation of people, a class, or nationality, constantly reminding us that following Jesus was a personal decision, irrespective of these other identifiers in life. He knew that God’s grace would point the saved to a new life of holiness and holy choices regardless of personal appetites or past associations.

We will miss this great man of a great God. Truly, he was saved to serve and see others saved…

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