Stepping Out…

...still one step at a time.

There is a time for new direction in our lives. When did this last happen to you?

Sometimes we’re so cautious so as to not upset our situation, we totally miss the freshness and growth that comes with new direction.

While skipping around, jumping to new things left and right would be evidence of an unsettled life, there is a time for a new direction. This does not include marriage or commitment to a heavenly calling as they are by nature, lifetime joys, but a fresh perspective within these promises is viable and healthy.

What are you being confronted with today that needs new life? Consider a change of sorts. If it involves others, like your family, an open consultation would be in order. There are other changes that are constructively personal that might be good for you.

Stepping out still only means, one step at a time. No reason to be fearful. You can step back if necessary or side step.

I find that trusting the Lord in this process is the way to go.

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