Taking Care of Business…


All of us have business. Family business, household business, work business, church business, hobby business, and more. How are you managing it all?

Surely, you set priorities based upon urgencies, expectations, and personal preferences. Then you assign time frames to complete the next essential in the business with an inherent understanding of flexibility as life throws a few curveballs your way.

I’d like to affirm a quality that stands tall in the process of getting it all done. There’s honesty, integrity, excellence, timeliness, appropriateness, etc…

I’m thinking today of consistency. Here’s a facet of business accomplishment that will serve you well. The people around you that depend upon you in any of these areas need you to be somewhat predictable in all these matters aforementioned. Consistency resounds with each of these aspects of success. It requires a steady approach, personal conviction, and self assuredness.

That’s my plan. Yours?

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