Tarzan Christianity…

...as conveyed by Duffy Robbins

Carolyn and I made it to Ocean Grove today for worship. Dr. Duffy Robbins from Eastern University, St. Davids, PA gave the message about Tarzan Christianity. In his interesting style he communicated John 15:1-11. It’s about vines and branches, hence the Tarzan reference. I will not attempt to restate his message here. Perhaps the Ocean Grove Association has a website that features their speakers.

He did focus on our abiding, or (NIV) remaining in the vine, the Lord Jesus. It’s a wonderful passage in so many ways that speaks not only to our connectedness to God, but His providence on our behalf. It surely is my witness. I belong to Him and know that His grace is sufficient for all my needs.

I hope you’ll worship the Lord today…and maybe tomorrow too.

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