The Bible… the Word of God.

When you get to know me, you’ll know I am convinced that the Bible is the Word of God.

Do you want to know what God says or thinks about a subject? It’s in the Bible?

Do you have a question about your life that no one seems to be able to help you with? Go to the Bible.

Serious about your place in the universe? You’ll find your answer in the Bible.

And way more…

Here’s some advice:

  • Get a contemporary version. Make sure it’s an authentic translation from the original languages of the Bible.
  • Consult with a believer in Jesus you trust. Sometimes navigating the Bible on your own can be daunting.
  • Speak with God about such understanding. The Bible calls this prayer.
  • God loves you and is ready to receive you as you are.
  • I’d be happy to help you.

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