The Unsanctified Life…

...there is a better plan.

The unsanctified life is the person who has not acknowledged God as the supreme authority and deepest friend.

The first recognition of the unsanctified life is the person that does not know God. This may be from lack of opportunity or by personal choice. More and more in this society, there is less and less the possibility of not being aware of the presence of God through Jesus. A recognition of God, the Creator is basic sense and would be the realization of all human beings. The role of Jesus becomes clearer by association with other cultures, global connections and at least, the international calendar.

This unsanctified life is missing the holy conviction that they have a purpose in living, that it includes love, and that heavenly eternity is theirs. In contrast, they are given to self absorption, meaningless pursuits and depravity from God, Himself, who is love and life.

The second understanding of the unsanctified life is the person who experiences salvation at the hand of Jesus, but does not find their way to declare Him Lord of their life. This person lives a confused life, ever attempting to honor God on their own terms. Most often they miss the mark and suffer failures in relationships, life’s direction, and personal achievements. They have moments of deep satisfaction and hopes realized, but miss the depth of the sanctified relationship with God. Their very best hope is heaven where they will enjoy the omnipresence of God and be blessed.

I pray that you are experiencing the sanctified life and know the omnipresence of God’s love right now. This joy will be yours when you submit your life to the Lordship of Jesus.

Don’t wait any longer. Speak to Him now with sincerity of heart. It is the better plan.

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