Tragedy Strikes… do we prepare?

We learned this morning that a tour bus in Mexico took a bad direction, crashed, wounding many and killing some. Two of those who lost their lives are known to Salvationists. Andy Fritz and his wife Jodi were two of those who left this place for heaven. Our hearts go out to their family, of note, his parents Colonels Ed and Emily Fritz who served both in the Eastern Territory USA and in Mexico. Carolyn and I also know Andy’s brother Sam and his wife Diana.

This is truly a tragedy and most deserving of our prayer support. Colonels Fritzs’ oldest son Steve was taken in September 2014 in a car accident near Portland, Oregon.

We have learned that “the rain falls on the just and unjust” (Matthew 5:24) so that tragedy is no respecter of persons. How is it, then we can be ready for such horrible circumstances?

I’m sure the Fritz clan would respond by saying, it’s not possible to be prepared for such. Then how do we get through?

Not a stranger to tragedy, I’ve learned you don’t get through it either. You simply move forward with as much courage and hope that you can muster. A relationship with God will be our best approach, as we understand that He is with us in our journey and that He will guide us for our best. He will be our peace.

Let us commit to pray for this family and those others who are facing their loss without God. He has prepared a place for our loved ones in heaven as He does for us who believe. He will not leave us alone here, but abide with us for our comfort and hope.

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