...not so hard.

Years ago, we were confronted with: “God is dead.” While it’s not true, it represented a strong stream of thinking in our culture.

Should we be surprised that the cover of Time Magazine April 3, 2017, which I have not read, asks the question,”Is truth dead?” I see it as a natural out flow from their aforementioned previous campaign.

Prophetically, I see trust as the next victim.

In my world, trust starts with my relationship with God. He trusts us. This is a powerful reality. With as well as He knows us, why would He trust us? We’ve all come up short in living the way He hoped we’d live and it cost Him His Son on the cross of Calvary. But…He does trust us to believe and to share His love around the world in extraordinary ways.

I’ve learned, by God’s grace to trust others. Admittedly, not everyone, but those close to me in faith, thought, and relationship. I find it easier to trust them because I trust God. He oversees my life and my relationships.

We would all do better if we were able to trust as God does. Try it today, one person at a time.

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