...a good objective.

Years ago in a business meeting, I was speaking to a group of about twelve people around a table. We were reviewing the work they had done in the previous year and hoping to project a constructive approach to the year coming. At one point of clarification, confronted by one of the team members, my response included the words, “trust me.”

“Trust you?” was his animated response, “that’s a signal that a person cannot be trusted, when they say that.”

While shocked at the challenge to my veracity, I understood where this was coming from.

It comes from promises made but not kept. It comes from hopes dashed because of leadership failure (true or perceived). It comes from disbelief.

I’ve learned to trust people around me. I know them. I have hope for them. I respect them…and, I trust God.

Herein lies the most powerful aspect of my trust in others. If what I am working on is God honoring work (not just religious work), then I trust God for relationships, outcomes and process. Now you must keep an eye on the matter and let it prove itself along the way.

My discovery…and practice? Trust God…it’ll be easier to trust others.

Trust me.

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