WBC – Day Four to the end.

The Western Bible Conference has concluded today. If you’d like to see all or any part of it, go to onlinecorps.net and you’ll find it. Dr. Roger Green was terrific as our Bible teacher as was Colonel Mark Tillsley as our Bible preacher. A guest appearance by Sara Groves was wonderful too.

Here are some take aways:

Dr. Green:

Kingdom of God – Miracles

The miracles clearly suggest the presence of God.
The miracles were done in a redemptive context.
The miracles teach us about the nature of God.
The miracles teach us about the nature of Biblical leadership.

Jesus, the Master over the natural world – Luke 8:22-25; John 2:1-11
Jesus, the Master over affliction – John 5:1-9
Jesus, the Master over death – John 11:1-4; 38-44; 12:9-11
Jesus, the Master over evil – Mark 3:21-27

No demon possession in the OT
No demon possession in the gospel of John
Only 4 cases of demon possession in NT.
Good and evil are not equal in the Bible.
Sin is the problem.

You’re not saved by the law…ever.

Torah – the law, the way
Mishnah – oral interpretation of the law
Talmud – commentary (200 A.D.)

Jesus never had issues with the Torah.

Purpose of the Law:
Brings sin to light
Drives us to God

It is impossible to keep the law without the grace of God.
Colonel Tillsley:

The fruit of the spirit is essential for the unity in the body of Christ.

Paul prays that the HS would strengthen the inner man…individually growing stronger
Allow God to baptize you with His love.

“God is Love” 1John 4:8

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