Worship the Lord

...every day.

It’s a beautiful day to worship the Lord. This means a great deal to believers who enjoy being together to thank God for His provision. So we should approach the experience with constructive anticipation and joy. Just think, singing songs of delight, being with other positively impacted people by God, seeking the grace of God. We should be pretty excited to do so.

The corporate worship experience can come with complications that temper our joy and deep satisfaction. The music, the temperature in the room, personal involvement, attitudes between worshippers are only a few of the distractions that can hold us up. None of these are particularly sinful, but the outcome is an unremarkable experience in the presence of the abundantly remarkable God.

To mitigate these traps, we would do well to practice and experience worship every day in the midst of multitudinous outright distractions. We can celebrate God’s closeness and engagement throughout our days, praising Him by our behavior and relationships with others. In The Salvation Army where people are helped every day, we are worshiping God in the process. If we can manage the joy in these circumstances, then doing it when we all come together for a Worship Meeting should be a thrill.

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness…every day.

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